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all the places i’ve called home.

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Pop-up popsicles on Valencia!


Pop-up popsicles on Valencia!

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Email from my mom, of course.These distressed deer were spotted by a fisherman off the coast of Alaska. He opened the gate to his boat, and they all climbed in and collapsed. When he got to Taku Harbour, he opened the gate, and off they went into the forest. Thanks mom, I needed that.

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Audreys Hot dog stand, Los Angeles, 3 am, 1961
William Claxton


Audreys Hot dog stand, Los Angeles, 3 am, 1961

William Claxton

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It´s amazing how we interact through social media. We found these worn-in High Kai´s through  a hashtag, #nudiejeans. We got in contact with the owner and asked a few classic questions and also snapped a couple of photos for the blog. Thank you Josephine.

Keep them hashtags coming y´all. 

Name:Josephine “Jojo” Hidajat
WorkPrintmaker/ PhotographyStudent
JeansHigh Kai Rinsed
- How old are your jeans?
Got them December 2010, so I worn them almost every day for about one and a half years.
-Have they been repaird? 
The stitching on the rightback pocket slowly unraveled, so I had to hand-sew it back on with the only thread I had… in pink.
- Washed?
Took them to the dry cleaner 6 months in, and washed them three times after that because I spill everything on myself.
- Any weird spots?
Random paint stains all over from printmaking.

I’ve climbed almost every hill and stairs  in San Francisco in this baby!

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add that one there is new update w lots of pics of skyler

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"the rapturous satisfactions of consumption surround us, clinging to objects as if to the sensory residues of the previous day in the delirious excursion of a dream"
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